All about css from lynda

C01. Div/h1 is a element which is start ans end tag and it is non-replaceable element.img is a replaced element .its source in run time .element has attribute .Attribute must has value.

C02. Css has property which must have value.ex. h1{ color:blue ; font-size:x-large;} . ; is must for Declaration .in example we have two declaration where ; is must.{..} is declaration block. and h1 is selector .in this case all h1 is selected . and total h1 {..} is rule.

C03. Inline style s

C04. Another file by

C05. Adding more css

C06. Embed styles by

C07. For adding external css like href=””.With one style sheet to another style sheet.Import must be beginning of style sheet

==============================End of chapter 02===================

C31: Id Selector.Must associate with one element with one id . #YourSelectorId{ background:blue }.
You can also select div#YourSelectorId means with any div with id YourSelectorId will be affected only.not a spaces .

but div #YourSelectorId is different .Id are case sensitive .

C32: Class selector for any element
.firstClass{ backgroud-color:blue}.

Any list item with first class will be blue.?
li.first{ background:blue}

C33: multi class may apply to single element.

C44. Multi selector is class group selector h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 ,h6 { backgroud:blue
Don’t put conman in last .It will malfunction. it can be used like div.divClass #IdSelector.anotherId{



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