My first ever live project running on all service point and plaza of WALTON GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Fulfilling the need of stake holders and company requirements , I along with two of my colleagues Farhad Hossain Rakib and Md. Mostafizur Rahman  worked hard and build on the complete 3 months  meeting the deadline .


As my first project  ,we have done many fatal mistakes  like long polling of notification with signalR in IIS in same application pool ,dividing database table based on product ,implementing second level caching etc..

Nevertheless a man learns from his mistake right.I have learned the way of learning .Thanks to my teammate for helping and learning the way around in production environment .With there support and hard work this project became a successful one and paved a path to my .NET career .

Technology Summery:
Built on asp.net web form ,EF 6.1.3 ,bootstrap , jQuery and different plugins

Workflow Summery:

Workflow of Crm
Common workflow of a my company for After sell servicing(Publish on AWS)…
ServiceManager: sm/sm