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#mvc3 generic repository pattern

###DDD implementation

##DDD termiology
a) Value Object

b) Entity

c) Service

d) Module

e) Aggregate

f) Repository

g) Specification

h) Layer Supertype

i) Identity Map

j) Factories

k) Unit of Work(UoW)

l) Inversion of Control(IoC)

m) Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP)

n) Bounded Context

o) Ubiquitous language

p) Object-relational mapping(ORM)

q) Anemic Domain Model anti pattern

#Enterprise architecture

#Bounded Context of DDD

#comment section in intellij -> ctrl+k,c and ctrl+k,u for both action

#Chrome Json Viewwer and Add theme *ddn-like* !important


#make Windows 100% disk Usage Faster

Windows 10 100% disk usage in Task Manager [SOLVED]

#Generic Repository and multiple aggregated Root

Generic Repository and Unit of Work Pattern, Entity Framework, Unit Testing, Autofac IoC Container and ASP.NET MVC [Part 1]

#cqrs using dapper

#joel test

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code

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