Chapter 2:Creating and Managing Content

content is any combination of text, pictures, video, audio, and graphics. An individual piece of content may take a variety of
different forms:
• news story
• blog post
• product description
• company overview
• forum post
• photograph
• wiki entry
Content on a Drupal-based website often starts with a title followed by body text

The next step is to create the body text and the tags associated with your article (see Figure 2-3). Tags
can be any list of words or phrases, separated by commas, that describe the general concepts covered in your

Teasers and Full Nodes
One of Drupal’s key content-related features is the ability to automatically display a content item in either
“teaser” mode or “full-node” view mode. A teaser is a shortened version of the article, typically the first 600
characters, whereas “full node” refers to the entire length of the content. In Figure 2-4, you’ll notice a “Read
more” link at the bottom of both articles. This tells you that Drupal is automatically rendering the content
items in teaser mode. You can modify the length of the teaser as well as several other aspects of a view mode.

On bottom of article/page
there are some option like Menu settings ,Revision information ,Comment settings etc.

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