Asp.NET MVC 5 error login with ELMAH

Today i am showing you the coolest way to logging ASP.NET mvc login with ELMAH. I am using visual studio 2013

1.Lets Create a Project Name ElmahMvc

2.Install nuget package nuget

Install-Package Elmah.MVC
3. Raise an Exception .There you go access error log by your local url/elmah


The saving database and Emailing is bit of configuration to take ….

Lets look at it

1.Download ELMAH script form official site


2.add a database named log and run the script

3.add a connection string in web.config

4.Add a elmah element in web.config

and mail additional under System.WebServer

Download my sample project and Elmah script with Visual Studio 2013
Download ELMAH MVC

Note:if you donot want to crash your program or use it in web form Static [WebMethod]
This seems perfect

If you find any problem ,please leave a comment

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